Posted by: Dan | August 4, 2006

Link Digest (7/30 – 8/4)

The quote for the week comes from Josh Rosenau of Thoughts from Kansas:

The Board is back in moderate hands no matter what. The night is, on balance, a victory. It’d be nice to further marginalize the extremists by winning the remaining races in November, but we’ve got a majority that will implement the science standards recommended by the scientists, educators and parents of the science standards committee. The Board can focus on bigger issues… Real challenges, not fake controversy. Helping kids, not fighting culture wars.

That’s what tonight was about, and the kids won. This wasn’t Dover rejecting a few municipal officials. It’s a whole state turning against the divisiveness of the IDolators.

And now the recommended reading:



  1. Late-arriving is this bit of humor from John at Stranger Fruit:

  2. Paul Nelson says:

    Now, Discovery actually funds a great deal of primary research — go ahead, snicker — but those receiving the support and their specific projects have become a very quiet business indeed, and that need for secrecy may continue for a long time. So I’m not griping about DI’s failure to support scientific research. I know what’s happening safely away from the relentless gaze of the Panda’s Thumb.

    Top secret research! Wowie Zowie!

  3. Paleontologists X-ray fossil embryos


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