Posted by: Dan | July 29, 2006

“…the column on Iraq that got me fired…”

This isn’t my normal topic for discussion, but what the heck…

A Drinking Liberally friend of mine, Maura, who had been writing a monthly column for, has a blog post up with the quoted title above. In Where can they turn, Maura tells us:

Iraqis are targets in their own homes. But no countries—including those that brought this upon them—seem willing to offer them asylum.

This is a personal story for her, having visted Iraq in 2003 and 2004 after the invasion ended and the occupation began, and made some close friends with Iraqis living there – decent, average Iraqis that just want a chance to live. For months now, as the insurgency has reached new heights, she’s been contacting every government official here and in Iraq to allow this one couple and their family to receive asylum outside of Iraq, because their lives are critically in danger. But no one is listening, and sharing her frustration may have gotten her fired:

This was my submission in April 2006 for my regular column at; a month later the column still had not been posted. Finally the editors there told me they no longer wanted to run my column. See if you can figure out why.



  1. Dembksi has blogged an e-mail he got from “Concerned Scientist”. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?


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