Posted by: Dan | July 28, 2006

Link Digest (7/23-7/28)

The quote for the week comes from Morgan Spurlock (HT: Chris Mooney):

We’ve started to make science and empirical evidence not nearly as important as punditry–people using p.r.-speak to push a corporate or political agenda. I think we need to turn scientists back into the rock stars they are.

And now the recommended reading:



  1. Velvet worm phylogeny questioned

  2. Cool paper. Here’s another, on more neuronal and cell biology topics, that I found interesting in passing but probably won’t post on:

    Transmembrane agrin regulates filopodia in rat hippocampal neurons in culture

  3. Supercharged rice
    A consortium of agricultural scientists is setting out to re-engineer photosynthesis in rice in the hope of boosting yields by 50%.

    If the Intelligent Designer had done a better job, rice wouldn’t need re-engineering.

  4. This one is old, but topical:
    Improved method of detection of testosterone abuse by gas chromatography/combustion/isotope ratio mass spectrometry analysis of urinary steroids.


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