Posted by: Dan | July 28, 2006

Beer Cozy Research

Some Friday stress-relief humor, below the fold:

Science and beer meet to answer the question: How best to keep beer cold

One of the first questions we must address is: Do beer cozies actually work? Do they keep canned beverages cold, or are they just another platform for humorous slogans and advertising logos? To determine the effectiveness of various types of cozies, we selected five representative models that typified widely available beer can cozies:

We tested these cozies for an hour and measured the temperature of their contents against those of an uninsulated beer can.

Our “researchers” present interesting findings that are highly relevant to this weekend’s activities. The question is, however, Why would you ever leave a beer in a cozy (and not drink it) for an hour?!

Scroll to the bottom of the linked page for some other fun studies…



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