Posted by: Dan | July 14, 2006

Link Digest (7/10-7/14)

The quote of the week, from John Derbyshire of the neo-conservative NRO of all places:

It’s a wearying business, arguing with Creationists. Basically, it is a game of Whack-a-Mole. They make an argument, you whack it down. They make a second, you whack it down. They make a third, you whack it down. So they make the first argument again. This is why most biologists just can’t be bothered with Creationism at all, even for the fun of it. It isn’t actually any fun. Creationists just chase you round in circles. It’s boring.

And now the recommended reading:

And, just to further promote the study of cell migration… the Cell Migration Gateway’s latest update covers two interesting papers worth reading:



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