Posted by: Dan | July 3, 2006

Why I blog, Why I bird, and Why I blog about birds

I started out blogging for a noticeably different reason than why I blog now (see my “about me” section on the sidebar) – blogging is no longer a simple rant against the threats to science and the environment posed by Bush’s brand of conservatism. Now, I truly revel in the expression and articulation of my thoughts and perspectives in the form of blogging. It’s just plain fun to write about the various topics that, for whatever reason, interest me (check out the categories list to see what those topics are). The fact that I think sharing my thoughts on these topics benefits society, in some abstract way, only adds motivation to me and my blogging.

I watch birds for a similar reason. It’s fun. I grew up never understanding my Dad’s passion for birdwatching (he stopped counting for his life-list after about 600, has traveled all over the U.S. for birdwatching, and been at it since before I was born – not bad for an average blue-collar guy). But when I finished undergrad, and moved into apartments of my own in Ithaca, NY, I put up a bird-feeder of my own for the first time in my life, and I was mesmerized. Since then, I’ve started my own life-list, taken the spring field ornithology classes offered by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, bought first-rate binoculars, and had a blast every step of the way so far.

Blogging about birds is just the natural joining of these two hobbies – blogging and birds. I don’t claim to be an expert on birds – far from it – but it’s just fun to record and share my observations. Besides, maybe my enjoyment of birds will rub off on others, and spread the birding bug: biophilia (an intrinsic love and concern for the wild parts of the world) is our best bet for the preservation of life’s “Endless forms most beautiful,” against the a series of threats across the entire political landscape.

But, most of all, birding and blogging are just plain fun.

Closing comment – I’m nearing my 200th life-bird (like I said, I’m no expert, and have only been seriously counting for about two years now, only here in the Ithaca area of central New York state. Birds that have been eluding me: Black-throated Green Warbler, Grasshopper Sparrow, and both Cuckoo species of the area.



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