Posted by: Dan | June 8, 2006

Philosophical discussions in biology

Allen MacNeill’s course “Evolution and Design: Is There Purpose in Nature?” is fast approaching, and will no doubt be followed closely by bloggers, given the high-profile nature of the perennial theologically-driven attacks on Darwin’s famous theory. I admit, I am anxious to see how the course progresses – in particular, what the views of the students are, how well they formulate their arguments, whether Allen maintains a level of intellectual honesty in classroom discussions, and the extent and direction of shifting viewpoints held by the students during the course. I find it interesting, however, that Hannah Maxson will be moderating some aspects of the course – I understand allowing someone with a telic viewpoint to play a role in the course format, but an undergrad?

I noticed that in the syllabus, Allen provided the students with a list of online resources, including a mention to my other blog, A Concerned Scientist – much appreciated. However, given the environmental slant I sometimes take on there, as well as my tendency to rant there, and my frustrations with Blogger itself, I would be more inclined to direct students to my discussions on molecular evolution here, in the interest of getting away from opinion-based writing, and focusing more on science.

The course will have a blog-based forum for discussion, Evolution and Design, and relevant posts over at Allen’s The EvolutionList:



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