Posted by: Dan | June 8, 2006

Bi-weekly carnival roundup (5/26-6/9)

A few recent link-fests on topics of relevance to this blog:

Other highlighted blogs:

  • The Neurophilosopher had a great post up on “Neuroelectronic Interfacing: Semiconductor chips with ion channels, nerve cells and brain.”
  • The DailyBiomed blog briefly mentions R&D of novel small molecule drugs that target the flat protein-protein interaction face of the beta-gamma subunit of G protein, “opening the door to a new way of thinking about drug design.”
  • Birds in the News v2n11 (5/30) and v2n12 (6/5)

And lastly, the Cayuga Bird Club newsletter (PDF), with particularly interesting and informative posts this month on the nesting Merlins and Snowy Owl – both uncommon sights this far South.



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