Posted by: Dan | May 16, 2006

Whale migration, anyone?

So obviously this blog is generally about “all things migratory,” including my own interests in cell biology, birdwatching, and progression of thought. What about more migratory topics?

Interestingly enough, my better half is also a graduate student, and studying migration of another sort: whales, specifically. She’s a marine biologist/oceanographer, using remote sensing and satellite imaging to correlate movement of whale populations in response to changing distributions of phytoplankton and krill, etc., in the ocean. Her Master’s was also highly interesting, although quite different: she studied the influence of anthropogenic noise on sea turtle behavior and habits (which has impressive implications for managing human impact on marine ecosystems and species populations, including our use of sonar at sea).

She’s been supportive of my blogging addiction, and has commented a couple times on A Concerned Scientist, but is reluctant to join in on the blogging fun. I think she should do it, at least once in a blue moon, and share her knowledge on this broader forum. If you agree, leave a comment, because I’m just mentioning this once and leave it up, as a petition for you the reader to sign.

A related points she could think about: a pseudonym (if she wishes).

Some interesting marine science news that I (Dan) have come across:

  • Sonar and cetaceans
  • “How satellite tracking revealed the migratory mysteries of endangered Atlantic loggerhead turtles,” in EurekAlert
  • “The Secret to Saving Sea Turtles,” in NWF Magazine
  • International Whaling Commission and related issues
  • Coral reef decline, such as depicted in this article.


  1. Hi, interesting. I research human evolution & migration as related to shore life.

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